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Adding Product Images


Adding images is a great way to improve your customers’ experience and helps them choose what to order. You can upload your own product images, or you can select one from the Image Library. Image Library contains default and vector images which can be used to represent your products. To upload your own photo, use the Upload button, rotate and crop. 


How to upload custom product images 

1. Once logged in, navigate to the Products  Products page. 

2. Click on an existing product or click Create New. 

3. Scroll down on the page to the Product Image section.

add image button

4. Click the Upload  button. 

5. Select a file, and rotate the image. 

rotate image

6. Crop the image. 

  • When adding your own photos to upload make sure that product images are not too zoomed in. See the image library for examples.

crop image

  • Ensure portion sizes and ingredients are accurately represented. 

rotate and crop animation

7. Click Save.

⇒ Requirements:

  • JPEG or PNG
  • Recommend at least 800px x 800px resolution 


How to add product images using the image library 

1. Head to the Products  Products page.

2. Click on an existing product or click Create New.

add image button

3. Scroll down on the page to the Product Image section.

image library

4. Find and click on the image. 

image library animation

5. Click Save or Create at the bottom page.