Text Message Payment Links

Stop writing down credit card numbers and manually collecting check payments. Text message Payment Links lets you accept secure payments in seconds and gets rid of the manual labor so you can focus on business.

Simply send a text message to get invoices paid immediately

1) Create the payment
Enter your customer's information and add in the invoice details.
2) Send a text message Payment Link
A Payment Link is sent directly to your customer's cell phone.
3) Accept payments anywhere
The customer clicks the link in the text message and seamlessly makes the payment online.

Payments made fast and easy

Direct connection
Your customers can receive invoices from you direct to their devices and make payments in seconds.
Streamlined payment collection
With the option for customers to independently complete payments, you won't ever have to manually collect checks and credit cards again.
No complications
Get back to what matters. Streamlined payment collection means you can focus on business instead of tackling unpaid invoices.

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