QR Order & Pay

The QR Order & Pay integration allows for orders and payments to be serviced to a specific geo-location a merchant desires. At each table, designated parking spaces, hotel rooms or even in poolside cabanas.
Beautiful Digital Menus
Digital menus are accessed by scanning a PayLink QR code. End-users view the menu's uploaded images (or choose from our image library), customize item descriptions and make menu modifications.
Easy to Order & Pay
The QR Order & Pay module allows orders to be placed from a near endless variety of locations - from the table, designated parking spaces or any location of your choosing. When orders are submitted, the location is transmitted to an online KDS or to a designated printer alongside the order.
Seamless Reordering
The integration allows for subsequent orders to be submitted without having to re-enter payment information. PayLink employs leading edge tokenization technology to make re-ordering simple and secure.
Durable QR Code Displays
PayLink table tent displays were designed to withstand harsh restaurant environments while providing a sleek way for guests to retrieve the menu, order, and pay.

No app to download. Easy for guests.

Standalone or Integrated
QR code orders are managed through our easy-to-use cloud based interface or can be sent directly to a POS system.
Kitchen & Bar Printing
PayLink can be configured to automatically send QR code initiated orders to designated printers to help staff maintain existing workflows.
Customer Feedback
Digital Receipts gather real-time alerts with Customer Feedback, a feature that is automatically included with PayLink QR Order & Pay.
Interactive Digital Receipts
Interactive Digital Receipts help customers engage and feel empowered to visit time and time again with interactive promotions on the digital receipts.

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