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September 21, 2021


Back in the day, your regulars were folks you knew by name and face, and they kept coming back because staff knew their orders by heart. Today, with the influence of technology in the restaurant industry, customer care is extended to the digital realm. How much you know your customers is now expressed by how personal your marketing messaging feels, especially how offers and rewards feel specific to them. New-age regulars may not be sitting in the same booth every week, but they are hitting “Order Again” or “Redeem Offer” multiple times a week on their smartphones, giving you repeat business that is dynamic and accelerated. Read on to learn the rising trends in digital marketing and customer retention that are drawing in the new regulars of the 21st century.

August 24, 2021


As restaurants recover from unprecedented industry hardships, a big question arises: Are the technologies that were necessary for restaurants to survive the pandemic still needed?

Adoption of online ordering platforms skyrocketed at the height of the pandemic, but many restaurants have since stopped online orders or have left behind their plans to adopt online ordering solutions as business gets back to normal.

July 30, 2021


Digital receipts are extremely convenient for customers as they are easy to retrieve, stored securely on their devices, and will never face wear and tear. In a 2019 survey, 89% of respondents said they want merchants to offer a digital receipt option when checking out. What’s more, these thin sheets of paper are responsible for billions of dollars spent, trees cut down, and gallons of water used each year.

June 28, 2021


Restaurants are facing pressure to provide fast and convenient service and are turning to technology to do so. If your business is eager to catch up to the speed of the 21st century, it is crucial that you take advantage of technology that is accessible to you today. Look to the following solutions to speed-up service and boost operational efficiency.

May 28, 2021


Bars, restaurants and other food and beverage hospitality merchants are facing a labor shortage crisis. As businesses bounce back from the COVID-19 induced economic downturn, staffing shortages are driving businesses to find new solutions to keep pace. Many are turning to simple yet cutting-edge technologies to bolster the efficiency of their operations and reduce the need to hire additional front of house staff.

December 28, 2020

100 Year Old Family Business Adopts Tech

2020 has been plagued with negativity. We wanted to end the year on a positive note by sharing an uplifting story of how a 100 year old family owned restaurant chain survived the pandemic by adopting new technology.