Customer Feedback

Collect customer seamless and integrated feedback in real-time. Be immediately notified of submitted reviews and provide excellent customer service in the moment to prevent less than positive reviews from being posted online.
Real-time notifications
Real-time notification of less than positive feedback can be sent to designated staff.
Avoid negative reviews
Know when a guest is less than satisfied before they've left. Turn an otherwise negative experience into a positive outcome.
Quality control
Ratings can be used for quality control of wait-staff similar to how ride sharing companies use ratings for quality control of drivers.
Customizable survey
Surveys can be customized to gather feedback on what's important to you.
Reportable responses
Survey responses are reportable based on any criteria you choose (i.e. wait staff scoring, meal quality, overall experience, etc.).
Drive feedback
Gather more feedback by eliminating the friction typically associated with offline survey attempts.

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