Payment Processing

A complete payment processing platform from a partner you can depend on. We strive to make it fast and easy for you to accept payments of any type, anywhere. We focus on the technology and security, so that you can focus on your business and never miss a sale.

Your data security is our priority

Tokenization and encryption
We utilize tokenization and encryption to keep sensitive cardholder data safe and secure. Your POS system will never touch or see real customer cardholder data, making it nearly impossible for data thieves to steal customer information in the event of a data security breach.
PCI DSS compliance
Our payment processing technology is designed to make PCI DSS compliance simple. You will dramatically minimize or altogether eliminate your business' PCI-DSS compliance scope.
Integrated payment technology
EMV, NFC, and other futureproof payment technology is tightly integrated with your POS system. Seamless communication between POS and payment devices eliminate transposition errors and improve overall checkout process efficiency.

Dynamic payment solutions for any business

In-person payments
Take traditional and contactless payments in-person from an all-in-one wireless device integrated with your POS system. Let your customers pay at your counter, at their table, at the door, or anywhere else on the go.
Remote payments
Get invoices paid immediately with text message payment links. Simply send a text message to your customers and let them complete payments on their devices through a secure online link.

We sell and support our own technology

We are both a full-service merchant account provider and a payment technology developer. We develop, deploy, host, and maintain our processing solutions in-house. When you process with us, we become your single provider for your entire payment solution. That makes us 100% accountable to you.

We take pride in our partnerships

"Window World, Inc. partnered with Payment Logistics to assist Window World stores in providing a more seamless and secure method of processing credit cards. By integrating WW360 CRM with PayLink, we can simplify the credit card process both in the field and in the store. PayLink’s text and email payments make it easier than ever to accept payments from the customer."
Duffy S., SVP IT & Digital Operations | Window World, Inc.

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