One Ecosystem For All Payment Related Technology

Mobile Orders & Payments
Patrons can place orders, retrieve their check and apply payment all from their own mobile device.
Digital Engagement
Convert anonymous guests to rich digital contacts.
Back Office
Emailed batch reports, real-time transaction management from anywhere with full virtual terminal capabilities.
Cloud Payments
Manage QR code orders through our easy-to-use cloud based interface or send them directly to your POS system.
Pay at the Table...or Anywhere
Take traditional and contactless payments tableside from a POS integrated device.
QR Code Invoices
Patrons can checkout on-demand by scanning a QR Code with their mobile device.
Terminal Technology
Accept contactless payments like Apple Pay®, Google Pay®, & other emerging technologies.
Text Message Payment Links
Send links to make payments sent straight to a mobile device.

Futureproof Payment APIs and SDKs

Leverage the power of PayLink to address the payment challenges of our time while futureproofing your system to support emerging technologies.

Solid Integration Features

Gift & Loyalty
Increase sales and get an opportunity to bring in new customers. Take advantage of gift giving market and avoid sending potential customers to a competitor!
Transaction Reporting
Hook into a variety of transaction reports and display them on your POS or back-end applications.
Online Account Applications
Frictionless online account boarding ensures that you seamlessly convert as many of your merchants as possible in the most efficient amount of time.

Google Pay Compatible

Add PayLink for hosted checkout with Google Pay
Our integrated software vendors and their end-users now have an easy and seamless way to add Google Pay contactless checkout to their mobile and ecommerce payment solutions.
Add Google Pay to your in-house checkout solution
Our integrated software vendors and their end users now have an easy and seamless way to add Google Pay contactless checkout to their mobile and ecommerce payment solutions.


Run your first test transaction in 3 easy steps:
  1. From the list below, choose the API(s) that are right for your application
  2. Request a Sandbox Account
  3. Make your first request

Payment Interfaces

All payment interfaces utilize tokenization and eliminate or minimize an ISV's scope of PCI DSS compliance.
Best for restaurant POS, retail POS, and CRM applications. EMV, bar tab support, recurring billing, payment storage & tokenization, multi-lane support, digital receipts, and store-and-forward.
Enables payment acceptance for e-commerce, mobile, and web-based applications. Features include processing through secure hosted servers, recurring billing, digital receipts and more.
A suite of contactless out-of-the-box modules that integrate with your system to enhance your product offering and attract more buyers. Features include Online Ordering, Mobile Checkout, Pay at the Table, QR Order and Pay, Staff Ordering and more.
For on-site Cloud POS and Applications. Enables payment acceptance for cloud applications connect to payment devices for in-person transactions.

Request Sandbox

All of our payment interfaces utilize shared tokenization so they can be combined to seamlessly integrate payment operations with existing workflows under one account.

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