Interactive Digital Receipts
Automated Loyalty
Guest Ratings
Interactive Digital Receipts
Interactive Digital Receipts
Automated Loyalty
Automated Loyalty
Guest Ratings
Guest Ratings

Interactive Digital Receipts

Improve hygiene and digitally connect with guests by sending COVID-friendly digital receipts via text message.

Digitally connect with guests

Convert once anonymous on-premise guests to rich digital contacts.

Promote your business

Encourage customers to engage with your business and purchase from you more often by adding interactive promotions to your digital receipts.

Customer feedback ratings

Control quality with customer ratings and real-time alerts on wait-staff performance and other operational metrics.

Built-in loyalty program

Encourage repeat business with automated rewards program enrollment and tracking built-in to your digital receipts.

Automated Loyalty

Automated rewards enrollment and tracking eliminates onboarding friction. No app download required.

Automated enrollment and tracking
Loyalty program enrollment and points accrual is automatic. Points earned and rewards tiers are prominently displayed on PayLink digital receipts.
Program benefits
Benefit tiers are fully customizable and easy to build in the PayLink back-office portal. Loyalty program details are easily accessible from the customer's digital receipt.
SMS text message marketing
Drive business with SMS text message marketing. With a 98% open rate, there's no better way to inform your customers of important announcements, special promotions and events.

Guest Ratings

Guests are prompted to complete a quick survey after checkout on the wireless pay at the table device or their PayLink digital receipt.

Real-time notifications
Real-time notification of less than positive feedback can be sent to designated staff.
Avoid negative reviews
Know when a guest is less than satisfied before they've left. Turn an otherwise negative experience into a positive outcome.
Quality control
Ratings can be used for quality control of wait-staff similar to how ride sharing companies use ratings for quality control of drivers.
Customizable survey
Surveys can be customized to gather feedback on what's important to you.
Reportable responses
Survey responses are reportable based on any criteria you choose (i.e. wait staff scoring, meal quality, overall experience, etc.).
Drive feedback
Gather more feedback by eliminating the friction typically associated with offline survey attempts.