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How to Process a Payment when Payment Device is Unreachable

last updated January 13th, 2023 


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What does Device Unreachable mean? 

Device Unreachable simply means the POS system is unable to reach the selected PAX payment device due to various reasons. Processing credit card payments is still possible through the POS system even when the device is not available.


Device Unreachable Prompt 

In the event the PAX payment device loses internet connection or battery runs out (on battery equipped models), a Device Unreachable message will display. Pressing the credit tender button in POS system will initiate an attempt to reach the selected PAX payment device. After a few seconds, a pop up on your screen for payment processing will display the message Device Unreachable and request all necessary information to process payment.


If you see the Device Unreachable message often, you may need to make adjustments to your internet connection or use an alternative connection method. Apart from making sure you have an internet connection, here are a couple of suggestions for various connection types:

  • LAN/Ethernet: Check the internet cable connected to the PAX payment device to ensure that the cable is properly plugged in and not damaged. Consider replacing the cable or connecting the ethernet cable to a different connection on your Network Switch, Router, or Internet Gateway.
  • Wi-Fi: Above all else, make sure Wi-Fi is enabled on the PAX payment device. Wi-Fi could have been turned off inadvertently and simply needs to be re-enabled. Otherwise, make sure you are close enough to your router for a strong, stable connection. Poor connection to Wi-Fi is a common reason for a reoccurring Device Unreachable issue. If a strong, stable Wi-Fi connection cannot be maintained by adjusting the device's proximity to the router, consider switching the PAX payment device to the internal cellular connection.
  • Cellular: Make sure cellular is enabled on the PAX payment device. In rare circumstances, you may not have a cellular connection. In the event cellular connection cannot be established, Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection should be utilized instead.

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