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How to Connect your PAX Payment Device to Wi-Fi

last updated January 13th, 2023 


Video Walkthrough


Locating Wi-Fi Settings


1. Once your PAX device is powered on, place a finger just above the top of the device's screen and swipe down in one motion to pull down the settings menu. Swipe down once more to view all available options and locate the Wi-Fi logo on the upper left hand corner of the screen.

a. First swipe down:



b. Second swipe down:


2. The Wi-Fi icon will display the status of your connection. Make sure Wi-Fi is enabled. To enable, tap on the icon to enable and start connecting to Wi-Fi. 

  1. A strike-through on the Wi-Fi icon indicates the feature is disabled on the device:
  2. A question mark Wi-Fi icon indicates you have not made a connection to a Wi-Fi network or any previous connections made are unavailable:

3. Tap on to bring up the Wi-Fi selection pane where a list of nearby connections will be displayed. 

4. Select your Wi-Fi network from the list of available networks, enter in your Wi-Fi password, and press "Connect". 

  1. Note: After pressing "Connect" you will see an Obtaining IP Address message on the selected network. If your device is unable to connect to the selected network, this message will continue to display. This means you may need to try your password again by selecting the network and tapping "Forget" to restart the connection:

  1. Note: A successful connection will display as follows:

5. You have now connected your PAX payment device to a network. The Wi-Fi icon displayed will indicate the status and name of the Wi-Fi connection:

  • Excellent Wi-Fi Connection: An Excellent connection will ensure stable processing.
  • Good Wi-Fi Connection: You will be able to process, but consider moving your access point, router, or internet gateway closer to the payment device to ensure stable processing connectivity.
  • Poor Wi-Fi Connection: You will have issues processing. It's best to move the location of the access point, router, or internet gateway closer to the payment device. Alternatively, consider running ethernet cabling and using a wired payment device or upgrading to our cellular service for better connectivity coverage.
  • Bad Wi-Fi Connection: You may not be able to process with this connection, or you will experience consistent connection issues. Switch to a wired payment device or upgrade to our cellular service.

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