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Table Tents 


Your customers can retrieve a link to their table or bar check on-demand from their mobile device, then split, tip and pay, without wait-staff assistance. Wait-staff also has the ability to onboard guests at check-in or at the table, or guests can link to their check without assistance. 

PayLink uses table tents to facilitate Mobile Checkout and QR Order & Pay. Table tents direct your customers to scan a QR code, send a code via text message, enter the code from the web at, or use NFC to obtain a link to their check.

Visit for more details on PayLink modules. 

Customers can scan a QR code with their mobile device to view your menu, order, and/or pay. 

For POS integrated accounts orders will be sent directly to your POS system.  

Supported integrations:

Place a PayLink QR code anywhere you want your guests to order; on each table, parking spaces, hotel rooms, cabanas, etc. Guests can easily place subsequent orders without having to re-enter their payment information. PayLink employs leading-edge tokenization technology to make re-ordering simple and secure. 

To order custom table tents, contact PayLink customer service at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or (888) 972-9564.

table tent


To manage table tents, log in and navigate to the Account Table Tents page and enter a table number then click Submit. This will save the table and assign it a PayLink code and QR.  

The phone number that guests can text to receive a code is +18882538899

add table tent


⇒ Note: Click the ✖ icon to remove a table tent.

delete table tent

At the bottom of the page, there are two options to download table tent files: CSV file of Codes and ZIP file of QR Codes.

Codes: To download a CSV file containing the table tent code, table number, QR code link, and NFC link use Download as CSV file of Ad Hoc Codes at the bottom of the page. 

QR Codes: To print or save QR code images, use the Download ZIP of Ad Hoc QR Codes link at the bottom of the page. QR codes are in the form of PNG files. 

To learn more about how table tents help facilitate Mobile Checkout and Dine-in Ordering click here