Payment Hardware

We boast a dynamic suite of reliable payment terminals to support our powerful payment technology. Elegant in design and capable of performing the sensitive tasks required, our hardware makes it possible for you to accept payments with ease and speed, backed by security you can always depend on.
Wireless Payments
Wired Payments
Wireless Payments
Wireless Payments
Wired Payments
Wired Payments

Wireless Payments

PAX S920 Pro Terminal

The new-generation version of the A920, the A920 Pro has faster processing power and greater battery life. Other new and exciting features include a barcode scanner and a larger and higher-res touchscreen, all in the same elegant design.

5.5” touchscreen| Rear camera with flash | 4G LTE, WiFi, Bluetooth Contactless, chip & PIN, magstripe reader | 7.02” x 3.07” x 2.13”

PAX S920 Terminal

The PAX S920 is the high-performance mobile payment device designed for seamless interaction between merchant and customer. Complete with signature capture, it delivers exceptional payment processing, every single time.

NFC/EMV enabled | 3.5” 240 x 320 pixels touch screen | 3G, 4G, Bluetooth, WiFi | Advanced connectivity | Rapid charging | 6.50” x 3.07” x 2.20”

PAX D135 Card Reader

The PAX D135 is the compact and lightweight mobile POS terminal that allows merchants to accept payments anywhere they go, making it a powerful solution for dynamic merchants where travel is their everyday. It can be easily paired with a wide range of smartphones and tablets, and is fast and easy to setup.

Chip & PIN and NFC Contactless (Magnetic stripe optional) | Green and red light indicators and buzzing indicator | USB cable | 0.51” x 2.64” x 2.64”

Wired Payments

PAX A35 Terminal

The PAX A35 is the fast and compact payment device designed for retail businesses to provide customers secure and sophisticated payment processing. It features a 4-inch touch screen and a high-quality front camera to scan promo coupons. Accepts chip & PIN, contactless, and magnetic stripe payments.

Magnetic, smart card, contactless card reader | 4G LTE, WiFi, Bluetooth | 4” capacitive touch screen | 5MP front camera | 6.45” x 3.03” x 1.19”

PAX Q30 Terminal

The PAX Q30 is the next-generation PIN-pad that includes electronic signature capture and accepts all payments including traditional debit/credit card and NFC. It features a built-in camera to read barcode and QR code, high-res touchscreen display, and a dedicated contactless pay area.

Integrated camera for barcode and QR code | High-res touchscreen | Magnetic card, Smart card, and Contactless card reader | 7.83” x 4.41” x 2.09”

PAX Q25 Terminal

The PAX Q25 is a versatile PIN pad that connects to merchant-facing POS terminals or to PAX payment terminals. It supports all types of payments including traditional credit/debit as well as touchless payments like QR code or NFC.

Fully integrated or semi-integrated accessory | LCD Touchscreen Magnetic card, smart card, and contactless card reader | Barcode and QR code reading | 6.22” x 3.15” x 1.70”

Pax S300 Terminal

The PAX S300 is the integrated payment device with highly reliable performance and exceptional security functionality. Features store and forward, which keeps data secure in the event of a connection loss.

NFC/EMV enabled | 3.5” 240 x 320 pixels touch screen | User-friendly interface | Secure platform | 6.58” x 3.19” x 1.97”

PAX S80 Terminal

The PAX A80 is the countertop POS terminal that continues to set the industry standard for reliable payment processing. Its intuitive interface is designed for efficiency and easy use, offering effortless operations for both merchant and customer.

NFC/EMV enabled | High-speed processor | Large memory capacity | High-speed thermal printer | Dial and ethernet | 8.50” x 3.74” x 3.39”

PAX A80 Terminal

The PAX A80 the robust and reliable Android powered payment terminal that can be utilized as a countertop PIN pad or an indoor mobile device. Dynamic features include a built-in camera for QR and barcode scanning, and a high-def 4-inch touchscreen. Accepts chip & PIN and NFC contactless payments.

4” Touchscreen | 0.3 MP Front camera| WiFi & Bluetooth | Contactless, chip & PIN, magstripe reader | 7.12” x 3.3” x 3.19”

Powerful Printers

STAR CPrint3

The STAR MCP30 is the elegantly designed, innovative printing solution for merchants seeking an affordable and high-performance device that provides high quality printed receipts at rapid operational speeds.

Rapid printing speed (9.84in/sec) | Auto paper cutter | Fast charge and communication | Bluetooth and USB enabled | 5.20” x 5.51” x 4.92”


The STAR SP742 is the top-class printing device made specifically to perform in kitchen environments. Supplying speed and maintaining quality of print on kitchen orders, it is the ideal device to support service providers. WiFi and Non-WiFi enabled models available.

Heat withstanding | High-speed printing (7.09in/min) | Clamshell design paper loading | CloudPRNT and Bluetooth | 6.30” x 5.98” x 9.65”