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Window World has officially partnered with Payment Logistics to make it easy for you to take credit card payments directly through WW360 CRM, anytime, anywhere.

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Focus on Business, Not Collecting Payments

Card Present Mobile EMV Payments
Our PayLink® mobile commerce platform includes cellular enabled payment devices that can immediately apply payments to invoices in Window World 360 CRM, qualifying you for the lowest transaction rates while streamlining your back office accounting functions.
Quick and Efficient Text Message Payment Links
SMS text messages enjoy up to a 98% open rate. Through the Window World 360 CRM integration with PayLink, you can send a text message (or email) to your customer with a link to their digital invoice and collect payment on-demand, reducing the risk that a customer changes their mind before a deposit is made or doesn't pay on-time.
Tokenized Card-on-File Payments
Window World 360 CRM leverages PayLink's tokenization engine to make back office payment operations simple, eliminating the need to handle sensitive cardholder data. Processing installment payments or issuing that occasional refund has never been easier.

Upgrade your payments

Exclusive Window World Benefits

Easy Payment Management
Seamlessly manage payment operations directly through your Window World 360 CRM application.
Bulletproof Cardholder Data Security
Gain peace of mind with our best-in-class cardholder data security features that come built-in to Window World 360 CRM.
Competitive Pricing
Maximize operational efficiency and reduce payment processing friction while maintaining haggle-free merchant account pricing.
Free Mobile EMV Device
Each Window World franchisee that signs up for PayLink is entitled to one free mobile payment device.

The powerful PAX A-series

PAX A920 Pro

The new-generation version of the A920, the A920 Pro has faster processing power and greater battery lie. Other features include a barcode scanner and a larger and higher-resolution touchscreen, all in the same elegant design. Magnetic, smart card, contactless card reader | 4G LTE, WiFi, Bluetooth, 5.5" touchscreen | 7.02" x 3.07" x 2.13"
  • Base Plan
  • FREE
  • $25 per month

    100 transactions per month
    $0.20 each additional transaction

  • Pro
  • $25
  • $50 per month

    500 transaction per month
    $0.10 each additional transaction

  • Volume
  • $60
  • $100 per month

    1,500 transactions per month
    $0.05 each additional transaction
  • 24 hr X 7 day Support

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