Digitally Earn Repeat Business

A Six Part Series


As restaurants recover from unprecedented industry hardships, a big question arises: Are the technologies that were necessary for restaurants to survive the pandemic still needed?

Adoption of online ordering platforms skyrocketed at the height of the pandemic, but many restaurants have since stopped online orders or have left behind their plans to adopt online ordering solutions as business gets back to normal.

The Fall of Curbside Pick-up

Online ordering with curbside pick-up emerged as the solution for restaurants to continue serving their valued customers under the constraints of the pandemic. As in-house dining starts to make its return, restaurants are struggling with the pressure of servicing these two separate channels -- quite the quality problem. For many, the profit margins from third-party online ordering systems were slim to none, so choosing to ditch them was easy as restaurants are now busier than ever. However, many restaurants wouldn't mind having a steady stream of easy-to-fulfill orders, especially if they hold a high profit margin. 

2 Ways to Use Curbside Pick-up Without Losing Your Mind

For loyal customers who prefer to order online, there can be a sense of disappointment when third-party ordering is no longer an option. You too may feel the sting of turning away business because of staff bandwidth. If at times you are slammed and unable to accommodate full takeout operations, consider a reduced curbside pick-up menu that is easier to manage. Identify your top three, highest profit margin entrees, appetizers, and beverages and limit their variations. To combat the hefty third-party online ordering fees, take advantage of the commission free solution from PayLink. Remember, if you ever find out that you are still too slammed, you can always turn off curbside pick-up or limit the number of orders accepted in a particular time.

Optimize or Reduce Staff with Hybrid QR Order & Pay

You may have seen laminated QR code menus placed on tables or they have been handed to you at restaurants. Customers are certainly getting used to using their phone in the dining experience. Having a QR order and pay solution gives your customers the ability to view the menu and place an order all from their mobile device. Some restaurants have completely transformed the way they take and fulfill orders by adopting QR Order & Pay in every area of the facility. For those who are not ready to make such a drastic change, you can implement QR Order & Pay in certain locations to reap the benefits. Many have added QR Order & Pay to their patio or a single server section, which can turn tables faster and reduce the need for extra staff. If it still feels daunting, you can always start small and expand once you see the benefits of this solution.

Start Pay at the Table!

There are so many benefits when it comes to the Pay at the Table solution. If you don't currently have Pay at the Table, ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you know how much time could be saved by reducing your servers’ trips to the POS?
  • How much money would you save from reducing receipt printing and eliminating excess paper use? 
  • How many hours a week does it take for your staff to reconcile checks at the end of their shift?
  • Would you like to seamlessly increase the average tip amounts for servers simply by having a digital, automated tip prompt?
  • If you could display advertising of your choice to every customer, how would you benefit?

Pay at the Table has so much to offer and can be simple to implement if you choose the right option. There isn’t a better time to get started.

Next Level "Pay at the Table"

Mobile Checkout can be considered the cooler, older brother of Pay at the Table. It gives you and your customers nearly all the benefits of Pay at the Table and so much more. There are few situations that have the potential to make a great experience turn sour and paying the bill may be the most volatile. With Mobile Checkout, customers don’t have to wave their hands in the air, making signals in an attempt to get a hold of the server. They can pay when they are ready and leave as soon as they like. The added benefit is a significant reduction in time spent paying the check, compared to the traditional way. In many cases you reduce that time from 15 minutes down to 5 minutes (or less!). 

Online Ordering Platforms Are Here to Stay

Online ordering is more than just the solution that helped businesses stay afloat at the height of the pandemic-- it is here to stay. Implementing a form of online ordering will help businesses manage busy hours with less stress so they are operating better than ever. This solution may not be a current priority for your business, but as technology advances, the restaurant industry will continue to become more intertwined with digital platforms. Success favors the bold and the timing couldn’t be better to adopt an element of online ordering for your business.