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PayLink is Ricochet’s most advanced payment integration allowing you to accept all types of

credit card payments as well as send text receipts that display your digital advertisements.

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The Payment Unlocks Digital Connections

EBT Cash Benefits
Expand your customer base by accepting nearly all forms of payments. Collect payments from EBT Cash Benefits cards as well as EMV and Digital Wallet payments.
Cellular Enabled Terminals
The PAX A77 is the high-performance wireless terminal for merchants who wish to offer transactional security and exceptionally fast payment processing. Complete with NFC contactless, e-signature capture.
Know Your Customers
Digital Receipts open up new avenues of engagement. Customer Feedback offers the customer the chance to provide real-time feedback. Interactive Adspace displays messaging for current marketing initiaves, charity, thank you messaging, social media, and anything else you can dream up.

  • All-in-one solution
  • 24/7/365 included support
  • Self-activation - up and running fast!
Easy Payment Management
Seamlessly manage payment operations directly through your Ricochet POS application.
Bulletproof Cardholder Data Security
Gain peace of mind with our best-in-class cardholder data security features that come built-in to Ricochet POS.
Competitive Pricing
Maximize operational efficiency and reduce payment processing friction while maintaining haggle-free merchant account pricing.

Up to 2 FREE devices

PAX A920 Pro

The new-generation version of the A920, the A920 Pro has faster processing power and greater battery life. Other new features include a larger and higher-resolution touchscreen and a high-speed thermal printer, all in the same classic elegant design. Accepts contactless, chip & PIN, and magstripe payments.


The PAX A35 is the fast and compact payment device designed for retail businesses to provide customers secure and sophisticated payment processing. It features a 4-inch touch screen and a high-quality front camera to scan promo coupons. Accepts chip & PIN, contactless, and magnetic stripe payments.