Digitally Earn Repeat Business

A Six Part Series


Digital receipts are extremely convenient for customers as they are easy to retrieve, stored securely on their devices, and will never face wear and tear. In a 2019 survey, 89% of respondents said they want merchants to offer a digital receipt option when checking out. What’s more, these thin sheets of paper are responsible for billions of dollars spent, trees cut down, and gallons of water used each year.

The True Cost of Receipts

Paper receipts may seem like a minor operational cost when compared to other larger financial commitments, but printing inches of receipts for every single customer every day adds up. On average, it costs businesses $0.015-$0.05 per receipt, meaning if a business prints 300-500 receipts a day they could be spending up to $9k annually on thermal paper alone! With operating costs on the rise and the growing popularity of digital solutions, digital receipts will continue to be the invoice delivery standard for all modern businesses. Moreover, every year in the U.S. 3 million trees and 9 billion gallons of water are used up to produce paper receipts, a process that is equivalent to driving over 450,000 cars a year. The environmental and financial benefits of switching from paper receipts to digital receipts are significant. What’s more, digital receipts have become a pioneering product among the technologies that are transforming digital marketing in the retail and restaurant realm today.

The New Receipt

Digital receipts are a powerful tool for businesses to directly communicate with their valued customers and build long-lasting digital connections. Many digital receipt providers strive to carry diverse value offerings, with some boasting features like loyalty programs with automatic enrollment and immediate points accrual, dynamic marketing message, and built-in guest ratings. Digital receipts have evolved to be an intelligent multiservice solution that carry benefits far beyond delivering digital invoices.

New-Age Marketing Capabilities

With interactive Digital Receipts by PayLink, businesses can secure promotional visibility, expand customer experience management, and create powerful digital connections with customers. PayLink’s Digital Receipts is a dynamic marketing platform that hosts customizable promotional banners and customer experience surveys on each customer’s invoice. Customers can view ads, discount codes, and any other promotional material merchants wish to deliver, ensuring 100% content visibility. Customers can also submit ratings that managers view in real-time, so if a negative review is submitted they are immediately notified and staff can intervene and provide excellent customer service in the moment, rather than performing damage control after the fact. PayLink’s interactive Digital Receipts lets you eliminate paper waste while enhancing marketing strategies and expanding your digital presence.