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How do I customize digital receipts?


PayLink digital receipts and checks can be customized with logos, backgrounds, colors, and promotions enabling you to offer guests a unique experience.

How to customize the digital receipt 

1. Once logged in, navigate to Account  Page Layout.

page layout


2. Address information and business phone number in Address Line 1 & 2 and Phone Number fields will be displayed at the top right of the digital receipt. This will be pre-populated with the information provided upon registration and can be changed at any time. 

add address to receipt


address on receipt mobile


3. Add an image in the Logo field to add your logo at the top left of the receipt.  You can upload a new image or choose an existing image that has already been uploaded to PayLink from Account  Manage Media Assets. 

add logo

4. Add an optional URL in the Logo Link field that customers will be directed to when they tap the image (e.g. your website).

 add external url

5. PayLink digital receipts can also be customized with a unique background. Use the Background Color or Background Image sections to choose a background.