PayLink Learning Center

How to apply a payment to a check

You can accept payments through the Android Pax terminal or send a PayLink from the terminal to the customer’s mobile device. 

Accept EMV/NFC/swipe payments with your Pax Android device

1. Select a check from the “Checks” page.

2. Press “Pay” and hand the terminal to the customer to select a tip amount.

Note: Tip suggestions are configured in the Paygistix application. 

3. After the customer selects the tip amount, they will be prompted to insert a card for payment.

4. After payment, the customer is prompted to enter a 1-5 rating and choose how they would like to receive their receipt.

5. Customers can obtain their receipt in two ways:

a. Digital Receipt: Send a digital receipt to the customer by entering their mobile number and pressing “Send”


b. Paper receipt: Print a paper receipt by pressing the “Receipt” button and then pressing “Print to PAX”