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How to allow Employees to access the app

last updated August 4th, 2021 

You can add employee-level users to your PayLink account that will have access to the PayLink app. Once logged in, employees will be able to pull a list of open checks from your system and accept payments. Employee management is facilitated from the PayLink web portal, where you can add, edit, and delete employee-level users.

You can also select whether employees will have access to all open checks in your system or be limited to only view checks that are assigned to their employee ID. 


How to add a new employee in PayLink

 1. Enter an EmployeeID.

  • This will be used by the employee to log in to the PayLink app. This number cannot be changed.

 2. Enter a name.

  • The name of the employee.

 3. Enter a POSID.

  • Enter any unique number i.e “1,2,3..” or “101,102,103”

 4. Enter a password. 

  • Use the auto-generated password, or enter a new password. Must be at least 8 characters. The password can be changed at any time by clicking the ✎edit button on the Employees page.

 5. Click the Add Employee button to save the employee info to the system.  

You can now use the Employee tab on the app to log in to the new employee account 

To Delete or Edit an employee, click the ✎ edit button next to their name on the list.