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How to collect custom information from customers during checkout


PayLink allows you to collect custom information from customers when they check out, for example a club member number, room number, how many sets of utensils etc...  When enabled, customers enter the information on the checkout page.  After their order is placed, custom information will be included on: digital receipts, the pending orders screen, and your PayLink sales report.


Here's how to set it up:

1. Log into the PayLink web portal at

2. Navigate to Account 〉 Online Order Settings

3. Check the box labeled "Capture Additional Data" (see image below)

4. In the field labeled "Additional Field Label," enter the desired label for the information you want to collect.  The customer will see this label.

5. Select the format of the data you want to collect by selecting an "Input Type".  Select "Alpha-numeric" to accept a combination of letters and numbers, or select "Numeric Only" to only accept numbers.

6. If you want to require this information in order for a customer to check out, check the "Required" check box

7. Save your changes by scrolling down to the bottom of the page and clicking "Save"