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How to print incoming orders automatically

Receive printouts of new online orders with a compatible STAR printer (see list below). Receipt printing can help in-house and kitchen staff keep track of orders. For example, staff can staple order slips on to to-go bags.
To purchase a printer, log into the PayLink web portal and navigate to Account 〉 Printer Settings. Press the "Buy a printer" button (seen in Step 2 below).
Once your printer is connected to your network, add the printer in the Printer Settings page within the PayLink web portal.

Printers compatible with PayLink

  • STAR mC Print3 (Black)
  • STAR mC Print3 (White)
  • STAR TSP 654II
  • STAR SP742
  • STAR SP742 WLAN (WiFi)

How to add a printer? 

1. Navigate to Account 〉 Printer Settings

2. Click the +Add a printer  button.



3. Select your printer model.

      • Note: If your exact model is not pictured in the list, select the model that most closely resembles your device. For example if you're using a STAR TSP650II then select STAR TSP654II . 

4. Connect your printer to a network and set up the CloudPRNT service for PayLink.

      • See here for instructions for setting up ClouPRNT and connecting your STAR printer to PayLink.
      • See here for manufactures' manuals.  

5. Press the Connect Printer button. 

6. This will add the printer to the page with a status of Waiting for Connection. Click the the  icon or refresh the page to display the successfully established connection status. 


7. After your printer has been added you'll be able to use the Pause, Edit, and Test buttons.

      • Pause: Will temporarily disable your printer from printing new orders. 
      • Edit: Allows you to edit your printer's Name and Mac Address. (these fields are automatically populated and don't require adjustment) 
      • Test: Will print out a test receipt.

8. Click the Test button print out a test receipt. 

9. Your printer is now ready to go! New online orders will be automatically be printed from your device and saved in the 24-hour Print Queue. Here you can view and re-print receipts. 




PayLink compatible STAR printers: