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How do I import products from Micros POS to PayLink?


With the Menu Builder, you can import items and modifiers from your Micros POS to PayLink, making them available for Online Ordering, QR Order & Pay, and Mobile Checkout. 

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How to import items 

1. Once logged in navigate to Micros POS 〉 Menu Builder.

2. Click the Fetch Items button. 

3. Use the ☑ Only import REQUIRED modifiers when adding items to import only required modifiers with products.

4. Click the Add to Menu button next to the products you wish to import. 


For assistance with Menu Builder, contact our Customer Service team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 888-972-9564.

How to import Modifiers to PayLink from Micros

How to import Modifiers to PayLink from Micros 

PayLink has the ability to store condiments from Micros for creating custom modifications on products in PayLink. This helps simplify the process of ensuring your products in PayLink have the correct modifiers configured. 


 1. To import the most recent condiments from Micros: log in and navigate to Micros 〉 Menu Builder.

 2. Click Fetch Items.

 3. Once the Fetch completes (this may take up to 60 seconds)  and you are able to see a list of products from Micros on the page, storing of the condiments is complete.


PayLink has now stored all possible modifiers from Micros!


You may now navigate to Products 〉 Product List, select a PayLink Product, and use the Modifier Keyword Search. 



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How to use Modifier Keyword Search on a product

How to use Modifier Keyword Search on a product


The Modifier Keyword Search is a feature in PayLink that allows a product to have any modifier available in Micros, instead of only utilizing Required or Allowed Condiments.

 1. Make sure you have completed a successful import of Micros Modifiers utilizing Menu Fetch.

 2. Once logged in navigate to Products 〉 Products and select the product you would like to update.

 3. Scroll down to Product Modifiers and select the Modifier Group you want to update or start a new group.

 4. Click on Add Modifier option.

 5. In the Name field, start typing in the name of the modifier in Micros to activate the keyword search.

 6. Select the modifier from the drop-down list of compatible modifiers. The POS ID field and price will automatically be filled based on the configuration of the items in the Micros system.

 7. You may rename and reprice the modifier to your choosing, now that you have imported the record number that will connect with Micros.


The modifier options that are displayed in the keyword search are items in Micros that have a menu level designating them as condiments. Printing of these condiments will follow the parent item's print class.

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How to create a modifier template

How to create a modifier template


The Modifier Template feature may be utilized to easily copy a template to a PayLink Product. As an example, you may have several burger products that have the same modifiers: (Example provided)

  • No Lettuce
  • No Tomato
  • No Onion
  • No Pickles
  • No Mayo
  • No Mustard
  • Plain
  • French Fries
  • Tater Tots
  • Onion Rings
  • Sweet Potato Fries
  • No Side

Instead of creating a new modifier group each time, which requires importing the record number, price, and name, and formatting the condiment group, you can use Modifier Templates to create a template of the Modifier Group and then pull the template to the product you desire.


To create a modifier template:

 1. Once logged in click on a product and scroll down to the Product Modifiers section.

 2. Go to an existing Modifier Group that you would like to make a template of.

 3. Click on "Save Group as Template" on the upper right-hand side of the Group section.

 4. Enter your desired Template Name and click "Save".

 5. You have now created a modifier template.


To add a saved modifier template to an existing product:

 1. Click on a product and scroll down to the Product Modifiers section.

 2. Under Add a new Modifier Group, click on the "From Template" button.

 3. In the new pop-up window, select the desired template from the drop-down list and press Select.

 4. Click the Save button at the bottom of the page to save the changes.

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 Order is marked as POS Upgrade Failed

 A POS Upgrade Failed message may appear on an order in the Pending Order section or the sales report


The most common reason for this error is having an incorrect POS ID on a product or modifier. Below are some examples of where the issue may occur and how to resolve the issue:


  1. A POS ID from Micros, that is assigned to a Product, has a Menu Level assignment that does not exist, or a Menu Level assignment that makes the item a Condiment.
  2. A POS ID from Micros, that is assigned to a Modifier, has a Menu Level assignment that does not exist, or a Menu Level assignment that makes the item a Parent Item.
  3. There is no POS ID on a Product.


Order is not in POS

These would be the same as POS Upgrade failed.

The order has incorrect Products or Modifiers in Micros.


PayLink utilizes the record numbers from Micros to tell the POS what items to place. If this scenario should happen, check the POS ID in use, as there may be a record number that incorrectly references a product/modifier in Micros.




Order is open in Micros after payment


When a full payment is made on an integrated order, the check will be closed in Micros. If an order is left open after payment, the following scenarios may occur:





The order is open with tax due.

This means a PayLink product may have not had the tax enabled and the referenced Micros Menu Item does have tax.

Check the products that were sent and verify tax is enabled on all items.

The order is open with only one payment.

Multiple payments may have been attempted through PayLink or Pay at the Table on a single check and one of the payments failed to reach the POS.

The check may have been held open on a Micros workstation during the payment process, once you verify the payment was captured in Paygistix, close out the check.

The order is open with no payment, though Payment was attempted through Mobile Checkout, Pay at the Table, or Pay at the Door.

Payment was attempted while a check was held open on a Micros Workstation.

Verify payment was captured in Paygistix. Payment may still apply if the check is sent or cancelled off of the Micros workstation up to 4 hours after the initial payment was attempted. Release the hold on the check by using a Cancel or Send button on the Micros workstation, then wait approximately 2 minutes for payment to be added to the Micros check.

Order not printing


  1. The PayLink User Workstation does not have printing enabled; Go to Micros >> POS Configurator >> Devices >> User Workstations >> PayLink >> Order Devices & Printing tabs and select the appropriate Order Devices and Printer functionality.
  2. The PayLink Order did not reach the POS to fire the order. In PayLink, the order will have a POS Upgrade Failed status. You can review possible scenarios for this issue above.
  3. The PayLink Order is only on certain Order Devices. The print group assigned to a product may be set to only function with specific screens. Consult a Micros expert for appropriate settings.
  4. The Micros server does not have an internet connection.
  5. Paygistix Client is not running.

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