PayLink Learning Center

Receiving Alerts for New Orders


PayLink offers a variety of ways for you to get notifications for new orders, including text notifications, an audible chime on the Pending Orders screen, and web push notifications. 

Text message notifications  

Text message notifications can help keep employees and managers updated with alerts from PayLink.

text alerts

PayLink can send text notifications to your employees and/or managers based on any or all of the following conditions: 

      • When a customer leaves a rating of 2-stars or less.
      • New online orders.
      • When a customer has arrived at your location for curbside pickup. 


Browser Notifications 

chrome notification

Web notifications can be received on a PC or Android device via Google Chrome web browser which can be installed on desktop, mobile, or tablet.

subscribe to notifications


From the PayLink Dashboard click on the option Subscribe to receive Google Chrome web push notification messages for orders.

    • Note: Google Chrome web push notifications are not supported for iOS devices. To receive notifications of new orders on iOS, use the text alert feature instead link.


Audible chime on Pending Orders screen 

To ensure timely service and keep staff up-to-date on new orders and customer arrivals, PayLink has an audible chime that plays when you are on the Pending Orders screen.

 enable chime button

 At the top of the Pending Orders page is the Enable Chime button. This enables an audible chime that will automatically be played under the following conditions:

    1. New Orders in the current window. 
    2. Curbside orders that are marked as ”Arrived” 
    3. When orders are marked as Ready or Complete on separate devices, such as a PC or tablet in the kitchen which also displays the Pending Orders screen. 

Note: If you exit out of this screen, you must click the Enable Chime button again. The chime will be disabled when the page is refreshed.