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How do I add employees?


You can add employee-level users to your PayLink account. Employee-level users will have limited access to key features. By creating employee-level accounts for your employees, you give your employees access to only the features they need and not management features, such as profile settings, store settings, promotions, etc. 

If you have requested that your PayLink account support Employee logins, head to the Employees page. To add a new employee, follow the instructions below:

  • Note: Employee accounts will have limited access to the system.

If you have the Online Ordering Module enabled, employees will only have access to the Pending Orders screen. The Mobile Checkout Module will give employees access to the Pending Orders screen and the POS page. The Waitlist module will give employees access to the Waitlist page

Employee access will vary based on the modules account is your is set up with.

  • For accounts utilizing Online Ordering only, employees will only have access to the Dashboard, where they can access the store link and subscribe to web push notifications, and the Pending Orders screen. 

employee dashboard

  • For accounts with POS Integrated and Waitlist modules, the POS and Waitlist pages will be available to employees.

employee dashboard more


How to add a new employee

1. Enter an EmployeeID.

    • This can be used by the employee to log in to their account. This number cannot be changed.

add employee

2. Enter a name.

    • The name of the employee.

3. Enter a POSID.

    • This must be any unique number and does not need to be remembered by the employee. Used for POS integrated accounts to link to the employee ID on the POS. 
    • Enter any unique number for Online Only Ordering i.e “1,2,3..” or “101,102,103”

4. Enter a password. 

    • Use the auto-generated password, or enter a new password. Must be at least 8 characters. The password can be changed at any time by clicking the ✎edit button on the Employees page.

5. Click the Add Employee button to save the employee info to the system.  

6. Use the Employee tab on to log in to the new employee account 

employee login

7. To Delete or Edit  an employee, click the ✎ edit button next to their name on the list. 

edit employee