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How do I configure text message alerts for employees?


Text message notifications can help keep employees and managers updated with alerts from PayLink.

text alerts

PayLink can send text notifications to your employees and/or managers based on any or all of the following conditions: 

      • When a customer leaves a rating of 2-stars or less.
      • New online orders.
      • When a customer has arrived at your location for curbside pickup. 

How to add a new number to receive alerts

     1. Once logged in, navigate to Account Profile.

     2. Scroll to the SMS Alerts section at the bottom on the page.

          • Note: The Administrator field will be prepopulated with the mobile number used during registration.

 employee text alert settings

     3. Add up to (2) mobile numbers in the Administrator and Manager fields. 

     4. Select checkbox options for 2 Stars or less, New Orders, and/or Curbside Pickup.

     5. Click Save.

        save button

Tip: Up to 2 mobile numbers can be designated. PayLink will automatically include the “1+” to the phone number once the Save button is clicked.