Digitally Earn Repeat Business

A Six Part Series


With third-party order and delivery apps, people realized that they could satisfy their hunger faster than ever before. Restaurants are now facing the pressure of providing rapid service and are seeking technologies to broaden their service capabilities and speed up productivity. Those who aren’t changing to adapt to customers’ new expectations are struggling to meet these timely demands. If your business is eager to catch up to the speed of the 21st century, it is crucial that you make the change and take advantage of technology that is accessible for you today. We came up with solutions you can adopt to speed up your service and boost operational efficiency.

Deliver Fast Service with Online Ordering

Online ordering has emerged as a champion among the suite of digital solutions available today to accelerate order fulfillment and expand the reach of customer service. Online ordering lets restaurants provide takeout and curbside pickup options, giving them the advantage of delivering fast service and increasing revenue without filling seats.

PayLink's Online Ordering Solution: PayLink’s Online Ordering is a robust solution that gives restaurant staff the operational flexibility to fulfill more orders and service more guests digitally. PayLink’s Online Ordering is available as an integrated or standalone solution and offers new-age digital marketing capabilities including digital receipts, real-time ratings, and promotional advertising.

Speed Up Table Turnover with Mobile Checkout

Paying for the check at the end of the meal can be a slow, grueling process that can spoil a customer's otherwise great dining experience. As servers make multiple trips back and forth from the POS, there is a sensitive time-period where diners are waiting with increasing anguish to pay their check and leave. What is worse, restaurants are not making any money during this time. Mobile Checkout gives customers the power to speed up their dining experience, which directly helps turn tables faster, and ultimately allows servers to see more customers and generate more revenue.

PayLink's Mobile Checkout Solution: PayLink’s Mobile Checkout lets patrons retrieve their check from their mobile device, tip and pay, without wait staff assistance. This contactless payment solution gives in-house diners the ability to wrap up their visit faster, and eliminates the time spent waiting for a server to collect the check. What's more, there isn't a second system needed to manage transactions.

Use Add to Order to Give Rapid Responses

It’s always great when customers want more, whether it be another drink, appetizer, or dessert. But if their server is backed up attending to their entire section, that customer might decide to forget their extra order because they don’t have the time to wait. It’s an unfortunate but common occurrence where money is being left on the table. PayLink provides a direct solution to this problem with Add to Order, accessible through Mobile Checkout. Customers use their smartphones to scan a QR code and add items to their tab, which are then sent directly to the kitchen and noted on their receipt, without the need for a server. With Add to Order, servers gain back every opportunity of increasing ticket size, while customers are empowered with the authority to advance their service. Empowering customers with the ability to place orders themselves helps speed up table turnover, while ensuring that every opportunity to maximize profit is taken.

PayLink's Add to Order Solution: With PayLink’s Mobile Checkout you can place a QR code anywhere you want your guests to be able to add to their order. Orders are immediately fired to the kitchen for preparation and added to their tab. Guests can choose to pay their check the old-fashioned way with the server or choose to use Mobile Checkout when they are ready to leave.


As the presence of digital platforms multiply, diners will increasingly seek technology that delivers faster food service at every restaurant and might view lack of tech options as an inability to keep up with the times. Savvy businesses have capitalized on this new breed of instant gratification by using technology to accelerate service and reach more customers. As industries continue to face the pressure of providing service without delay, restaurants can seize this opportunity to expand and expedite current operations, so every chance of gaining revenue is realized. Equipped with the right technology, any restaurant can turn the speed-seeking customer into a loyal customer.

PayLink® provides businesses with a powerful mobile commerce platform that helps food and beverage establishments and other businesses increase sales, decrease expenses, and improve customer experiences.

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